For the folks with a busy schedule that need a play-by-play for the week. Includes an hourly format Monday-Friday, starting as early as 5 am and goes until midnight. Open space included for Saturday-Sunday to end the week on a strong note.

Hourly Planner details:

  • Weekly spread starting on Monday and ending on Sunday
  • Hourly layout Mon-Fri, starting at 5 am and going to 12 am
  • Daily water tracker
  • Open space to plan on Sat + Sun, dividing the day by morning, afternoon, and evening
  • Long, weekly to-do list with area for due dates
  • Top 3 goals for the week

Fan favorite features:

  • Beautiful linen cover with gold foil and gold metal binding
  • Monthly tab pages that double as coloring pages to ease your anxiety
  • Snap in dry-erase meal planning + grocery list (dry erase marker included!)
  • Monthly self care pages including: habit tracker, affirmations, goals, and more
  • Monthly reflection pages to focus on small changes that make a big impact
  • Monthly calendar with room to plan ahead
  • Blank pages at the end for endless possibilities

To compare the differences between our hourly and weekly planner, please visit this blog post - or, take this quiz to find your perfect match!

Our planners are 7x10 inches and come packed full of self care resources to help you live a balanced life.

A portion of our profits are donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

*Please note: some linen covers might have some fraying along the binding. We do not offer exchanges or returns at this time

 Hourly planner laying open on a flatlay with ribbon and scissors surrounding it

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