Live Inspired offers 2 types of planners: hourly and weekly planners. While both planners are great, everyone likes to plan differently! We've created this post to help you understand the differences so you can choose your perfect match.

Hourly Planner

Photo of 2 hourly planners laying open to show the layout of the planner 

Our hourly planner was designed for the planner-fanatics that love to plan out their whole day, hour-by-hour. This planner is perfect for college students, young professionals with daily schedule changes, and mom's juggling a million different things in one day.

The hourly planner has an hourly format Mon-Fri, with the day starting at 5 am and going all the way until midnight. Sat-Sun have a more open layout, but differentiate the day between morning, afternoon, and evening.

The other main difference with the hourly planner is the weekly to-do list. Each hourly planner has a large weekly to-do list, with room to fill in a due date and an area to check off each item completed.

Weekly Planner

Two weekly planners laying open to showcase their features

Our weekly planner was designed for the minimalistic planners. This planner is perfect for those who don't have a ton of variety in their day-to-day, but need to keep track of important things. It's also great for those who like to keep a daily to-do list.

The weekly planner has an open concept design. Mon-Sun all have the same layout, with open space to plan + a daily to-do list. This gives planners ample amount of space to keep track of important meetings, bring their attention to reminders, and stay on track with your daily list of tasks to complete.

The weekly planner also has a dedicated space for notes which is right next to your weekly top 3 goals of the week.

Included in all planners

  • Daily water tracker
  • Four beautiful linen covers to choose from (pink, cream, forest green, navy)
  • Dry-erase snap in for meal planning + groceries (dry erase marker included)
  • Monthly tab sheets (with coloring pages)
  • Monthly note section
  • End of month reflection page - designed with intention and care
  • Monthly self care pages
  • Blank pages in the back of the planner
  • Monthly calendar
  • Elastic closure

    Snap In Dry Erase Sheet
    Snap in dry erase page 
    Coloring tab pages
    Tab sheet that doubles as a coloring page 
    Monthly self care pages
    Self care page 
    Monthly reflection page
    End of month reflection page

Still not sure which planner is right for you? Take our planner quiz!

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